Teaching at the Beijing Film Academy - Oct. 27th-31st, 2014

Awards Ceremony May 16th, 2014 Beijing Film Academy: R-L, Prof. Randy Finch, Prof. Chan Chang, Prof. Daw Ming Lee, President of the Beijing Film Academy Zhang Huijun

If you will be in Beijing from October 27 - October 31st,  I will be speaking at the Beijing Film Academy about legal issues and the changing film business.  

I am honored to have been invited to return to the Beijing Film Academy  - this time to lecture about copyright/IP, labor unions and deal-making in the 21st century motion picture business. 

As many of you know, I am fascinated by the changing paradigms for motion picture creation and circulation.

I will be talking in Beijing about those revolutionary changes - drawing on my experiences as a film producer and lawyer and as an educator with growing experience in S. E. Asia.

At the Beijing Film Academy I will be talking about the Hollywood and the American indie film models, but I'll also explore how the internet is challenging old ideas about copyright and Hollywood film production - and how a new paradigm for motion picture production and revenue (increasingly driven by China's rise as a major film power) might unfold.

I will post more details about the times and locations of next week's lectures and seminars as that information becomes available.

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