Who Gave That Praying Mantis 3D Glasses?

The floors at the the Olympia Theater on 105th Street and Broadway used to be pretty sticky, but I was never glued to a stick in my local cinema...

Might that change in the near future?


But according to an (entirely serious?) April 25th, 2014 report in arstechnica, scientists at Newcastle University have glued praying mantises to sticks (so they don't move around!) and fitted them with 3D glasses in an effort to determine how these efficient predators render enough 3D information with their tiny brains to catch and eat large prey (even birds!). 

By fitting the insects with 3D glasses and then messing with images projected on a computer screen, the scientists hope to gain insights into how the animals reconstruct a 3D scene - perhaps enabling improvements to the 3D experience at your local theater.

You can append your comments about the size of the brain of a typical 3D movie fan below:

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