Transforming Hollywood: Video of the April 4th, 2014 Future of Television Conference

Prof. Henry Jenkins (USC) has just posted the first of four videos made at the April 4th,  2014 Transforming Hollywood: The Future of Television conference. Held at UCLA's James Bridges Theater, the conference was co-directed by Prof. Jenkins and Prof. Denise Mann, head of the Producers Program at UCLA's School of Theater, Film and Television.

In this video (above) the panelists discuss new creative and business models [like Multi-Channel Networks], "asking whether they represent a radical rethinking of entertainment that puts power back into the hands of creators or if they are transitional systems that will eventually be absorbed by Hollywood’s big media groups."

Moderator: Prof. Denise Mann
Panelists: Sheri Bryant, partner/co-founder, Geek & Sundry
Allen DeBevoise, chairman and CEO, Machinima, Inc.
Amanda Lotz, associate professor, University of Michigan
George Strompolos, founder and CEO, Fullscreen, Inc

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