Pitching Advice From an Accountant? What Indie Filmmakers Need to Know About the Tax Code That May Help To Attract Investors

Fred Siegel has worked on a number of groundbreaking independent films including “Winters Bone” and “Boys Don’t Cry.” 

But Fred Siegel isn't a director or producer, or even a cinematographer. 

Fred is an indie film, tax, and business consultant, specializing in tax and business issues.

Listening to Fred Siegel, filmmakers can learn a lot about how US tax law and financing fit together. For example, here's a link to a video where Fred explains how an understanding of the rules "may allow for the accelerated deduction of production costs by the film company" - which can directly lead to attracting rich investors to your project.

If you want to read a more complete post about Fred's work (including several videos on the subjects of pitching to investors and tax law for filmmakers), here's another link.

Thanks to Chrisitne Vachon for the tip about Fred's site.

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