Manila-Based Music Producer / Vocalist Eyedress Tells a Disturbing Story in His New Music Video

If you like your electronic music with heavy doses of anxiety and danger - check out the music video (uploaded to YouTube on Halloween 2013) promoting Nature Trips by Eyedress (aka Idris Vicuña).

I'm posting the video because the aesthetic suggests the kind of homemade content that is turning the entertainment business on its head. The video didn't require professional equipment and the four-track recording was apparently made using Fruity Loops in Eyedress’ bedroom on a PC laptop handed down to him by his father.

Eyedress grew up in Arizona and California but moved back to Manila as a teenager. If you want to see him perform or find out more, he's scheduled to play London's Sebright Arms on February 21 as part of the NME Awards Shows. There's also been talk of other European dates in early 2014.

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