Fake It Till You Make It

This post is for aspiring filmmakers - even those who don't follow or care about baseball.

I am using the animated GIF of Elvis Andrus hitting a home run tonight (August 10th, 2013 in a game the Rangers eventually won against the Astros) to make a point about film pitching and attitude.

In particular, pay attention to Elvis Andrus' bat flip.

Elvis Andrus is a professional baseball player - and he's really good at stealing bases and playing shortstop - but he is not a noted home run hitter.

His first major league appearance was in a game that the Texas Rangers played against Cleveland in April 2009 (for filmmakers who don't get baseball - a first major league appearance is a bit like the very first time a film you've written and directed plays to a packed appreciative house in NY or LA).

Elvis Andrus has been a big-leaguer for almost 5 years.

In those 5 years he has hit exactly 14 home runs.  And he hit 6 of those out-of-the-parkers in his first year.  Now that he's almost 25, Elvis Andrus hardly ever hits home runs.  In fact, the GIF above depicts his swing and reaction as he hits his first and only home run so far this year - his first dinger after 116 dingerless games in 2013.

Notice the way that Elvis Andrus flips his bat.

As the ball sails into left field, Elvis Andrus gives no indication that this is a highly unusual event.  In fact, Mr. Andrus plays the part of a home run hitter better than most home run hitters.

That's the lesson.

When it comes time to pitch your film - remember Elvis Andrus' bat flip.

Swing for the fences - and when you've nailed your pitch, flip the bat and jog out of the room.

Ain't nobody better than you.

Thanks to FanGraphs for the GIF.

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