Fascinating Analysis of Film Genre in China

In a July 23th, 2013 post to Film Business Asia, Derek Elley examined the evolution of film genres in contemporary mainland Chinese cinema.

"Production in China has mushroomed during the past decade. The number of films certified by SARFT currently runs at around 700 a year, though only some 20% ever get a wide theatrical release and many of those last only a few days due to intense competition for screens."

"The past decade has been a gradual process of China redeveloping a broad film industry on a par with Shanghai's of the '20s and '30s and in line with other major Asian ones. It's been a period of "firsts", shouted from posters whether true or not: "China's first spy/war super-production" (The Message 風聲 (2009)), "China's first modern-day psycho-thriller franchise super-production" (Lost in Panic Cruise 密室之不可靠岸 (2011)), "China's first disaster movie" (Super Typhoon 超強颱風 (2008)), and even "Henan [province]'s first local super-hilarious film" (No Kidding 不是鬧著玩的 (2009))."

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