The Division: Remarkable Graphics and Game Play From Ubisoft's Massive Entertainment

Taking post-apocalyptic shooter games to the next level, on June 10th, 2013 Ubisoft revealed details about The Division (previously code-named Project Rogue), "an open world role-playing game," that Ubisoft has targeted "to appear in 2014 only on the next-generation consoles: the Microsoft Xbox One and the Sony PlayStation 4."

Filmmakers (especially those who don't ordinarily play games) should take a look at the photo-realistic visual detail and the game play sample (below).  The convergence of action movies (where the user watches a hero like Jason Bourne) and games (where the user is an action hero like Jason Bourne) is apparently almost upon us.

The premise of the game is that NYC has suffered a biological attack and the social fabric has been ripped apart. Players are agents ("such as retired police officers and firefighters") who have been trained to "arm themselves and attempt to restore order at any cost."

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