USA TV Network Taps Online Advertising Dollars: Real Revenue From the Second Screen

In a May 13th, 2013 post to Broadcasting and Cable, Jon Lafayette explains how the USA cable network has been generating real dollars from advertisers (like Kia Motors America) who sponsor online content for USA's second screen apps and "synch platform" (which times digital content to TV episodes) for shows like Graceland, Covert Affairs, Royal Pains, and Suits as they air.

The online content (optimized for smartphones and tablets) includes games and shareable content designed to build "a deeper brand engagement among viewers."

For example: There is Graceland: Undercover, "a live second screen experience which gives viewers the unique opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the plot and the world of the network’s newest original series. Created in partnership with Kia Motors America, who is also the in-show sponsor, Graceland:  Undercover allows new fans to invent their alias and become virtual agents. They have the power to unlock rooms within the Graceland mansion, explore 360 degree views of each room and delve deeper into the backstories behind each character.  Over the course of the season, users can access more than 60 never-before-seen videos shot from each individual character’s point-of-view, providing an intricate look into show’s captivating storylines. Adding fun, competition and a social dynamic to the mix, fans can recruit their Facebook friends to participate and chat about the show at USA’s Graceland Chatter social hub – plus, they will have the chance to win points, badges, and prizes, including a trip to Malibu courtesy of Kia."

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