Simple Tip for Improving Your Film's Marketing: Add a Social Sharing Button To Emails to Fans and Friends

Want two easy-to-follow steps for increasing the power of your film's marketing?

1) Maintain an Email List
You don't want to rely exclusively on social media for communicating with core fans.  For example, on Facebook, the EdgeRank algorithm may prevent your posts from reaching your friends and fans.  Facebook and Twitter are great for social sharing - but it shouldn't be your only point of contact.  Email is still an essential tool for reaching a core audience - and apparently many filmmakers are missing an easy opportunity to spread their message by including something simple in all their emails to hardcore fans.  What "something simple" for spreading the message?  you ask...

2) Include Social Sharing Buttons in Emails to Your Core Audience
According to research conducted by GetResponse, a social sharing button in an email unlocks an audience that engages with content (as measured by click-through-rate) in ways that every indie filmmaker wants. In other words, simply providing a button for sharing in your emails gives you a much greater chance that your message will spread virally from your core fans to their friends and then outward.  According to the GetResponse research,  most marketers (more than 80%)  are failing to take this one very simple step (adding a social sharing button to their emails).  Don't make that mistake.

Thanks to Jeff Bullas for the tip.

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