SXSW Interactive News: America's Leading Source For Satire Has Not Been Covering the 5 Day Long Event Dedicated to Emerging Technologies, But The Onion Has

A report from SXSW 2013, published on the satirical website The Onion, suggests that lots of trendy jargon is being used, without much attention to making money:

"[O]rganizers confirmed Monday that the word “innovate” has been spoken 650,000 times thus far. “People are saying the word ‘innovate’ at a rate of 8.2 times per second, and at that pace we can estimate it will be uttered approximately 24 million times before the festival ends,” said SXSW coordinator Lucas Bryant, who noted that the phrases “increase social engagement” and “potential game-changer” have been said 950,000 times and 230,000 times, respectively."

"Bryant additionally confirmed the absence of the less common phrases “investment model,” “practical business strategy,” and “economic realities,” which together have been mentioned a total of zero times."

Aside from the (justified?) teasing, there were some highlights from SXSW Interactive 2013 that you can read about online, including this post from Scientific American about technology introductions - which features Bre Pettis's MakerBot Digitizer (a device that is already giving IP attorneys nightmares, see video below). Another highlight from SXSW Interactive 2013 seems to have been Matthew Inman's closing remarks which were covered by a number of trusted outlets, including CNET.

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