Know Your User: Great "Audience Profile" Questions From Seth Godin

In a Feb. 28th, 2013 post to his priceless blog, Seth Godin provides a list of questions that everyone with a film (or any other goods or services) for sale should be able to answer.

Here are the questions about your core audience member that you MUST have answered before you can really successfully market anything in the New World:

"WHO DO WE WANT TO CHANGE [because marketing is always about change - "changing people's actions, perceptions or the conversation"]?"

"[I]f you can't give me a name, then a persona, a tribe, a spot in the hierarchy, a set of people who share particular worldviews. People outside this group should think you're crazy, or at the very least, ignore you.

Then, be really clear about:

What does he already believe?

What is he afraid of?

What does he think he wants?

What does he actually want?

What stories have resonated with him in the past?

Who does he follow and emulate and look up to?

What is his relationship with money?

What channel has his permission? Where do messages that resonate with him come from? Who does he trust and who does he pay attention to?

What is the source of his urgency—why will he change now rather than later?

After he has changed, what will he tell his friends?"

What are we supposed to do with all this information?

Here's what Seth Godin says - and you'd be a fool to argue with his success: "Now that you know these things, go make a product and a service and a story that works. No fair changing the answers to the questions to match the thing you've already made (you can change the desired audience, but you can't change the truth of what they want and believe)."

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