10 Lessons on Filmmaking from Director Ken Loach

Director Ken Loach (that's the trailer for his 2012 film The Angel's Share above) has condensed years of filmmaking knowledge into 10 essential lessons that every young filmmaker should (must?) learn.

Thanks to Ariston Anderson, writing in the March 27th, 2013 Filmmaker Magazine. for asking the question that prompted this wise summation.

Better than almost any film teacher I've ever heard on the subject, Ken Loach describes how to create a strong relationship with crew and longterm collaborators (if you want to achieve greatness as a filmmaker, they should be one-in-the-same). Mr. Loach also captures the ethical duty that comes with the gift of filmmaking. By "ethical duty" I mean the responsibility we have to our artform, the messages that we start out to make, to each other, and to the audience...

I especially like Mr. Loach's final point: "Relax... In the end, if you don’t get it right, you don’t get it right, but you’ll still be there tomorrow to learn your lesson. It’s only a film. Don’t take yourself too seriously."

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