What is "Code" and How Can I Use It to Tell Stories? Resources for Filmmakers

In a January 8th, 2013 post to Filmmaker Magazine, storyteller / entrepreneur / educator Lance Weiler provides links to resources that will help filmmakers to learn more about storytelling technology - especially the behind the scenes stuff that allows the audience to experience their motion picture stories on internet-connected devices.

In the New World of storytelling, filmmakers need to understand the new tools so that they can become (or at least communicate with) the programmers, designers, and creative technologists who are essential to creating and spreading stories online and across platforms.

As audiences increasingly receive their content via mobile devices - and even come to expect to interact with their favorite stories by clicking and swiping a touch sensitive screen - a knowledge of what coders can and can't do is becoming essential.

There are new story-driven technologies that are opening up opportunities that 21st century filmmakers can't ignore.

For filmmakers seeking to understand "the terminology, process and realities of producing digital / interactive projects," Lance Weiler has provided an invaluable list of (mostly FREE) resources.

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