Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. John Huston

Legendary writer, director and actor John Huston's acceptance speech after receiving the AFI Life Achievement Award in 1983.

Huston's career really took off in 1941 when he co-wrote a film that was nominated for the Academy Award - Sergeant York - and then co-wrote High Sierra (the gangster film that made Humphrey Bogart a star). That year, John Huston also made his directing debut with Bogart in The Maltese Falcon (earning Huston another Academy Award nomination for writing).

42 years later, and still not done (he would direct three more films including his final work, The Dead, released posthumously in 1987, and Prizzi's Honor for which he was once again nominated for an Academy Award in 1986), John Huston's look back at his life in the movie business is sublime: "What other occupation could offer such a rich wild rushing variety of incident?"

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