Digital Learning is Just Different: An Insightful Post From Terry Heick Posing Questions All New World Film Educators Should Consider

In an Oct. 29th, 2012 post to TeachThought, Terry Heick makes some very good points about how digital learning is different from (not necessarily better than) the traditional educational models.

For example...

When all the internet is just a click away, insisting that students stick exclusively to the prepared materials is clearly an exercise in futility. But, what role will teachers play in the New World now that a key Old World pedagogical function - lecturer as purveyor of facts - has been usurped by the internet?

Are New World teachers simply ringmasters... organizing the chaos into something that has a point?

How should learning plans be structured - now that students are free to pursue their own interests online?

And now that the internet allows exploration and discovery in ways that are endlessly diverting and always on - does that make in-person teaching less or more important?

Thanks to Hugh Cann for sharing the link.

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