Edit Video In The Cloud? WeVideo Might Be A Handy Solution For The Cellphone Filmmaker

WeVideo is a cloud-based collaborative video editing platform that offers a variety of plans, including a free version that supports up to 5GB of uploaded dated (500MB uploaded at a time) and 15 minutes of export per month.

If you're recording video with a mobile phone and are just a beginner at editing, WeVideo offers an online home for your files (rather than filling up your phone's memory, you can upload video files that will be stored and accessible online) and an easy-to-use tool for cutting together short films.

The breakthrough that WeVideo offers entry level filmmakers is the ability to edit your files in the cloud (using the WeVideo app and the access to the files that you've uploaded). WeVideo, which has been around for over a year, is making progres in user-friendliness, for example, now offering access to photos, video clips, graphics, music and other files you’ve already uploaded to your Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Google Drive or Flickr accounts.

If you're new to editing video, or you want a tool for mobile phone videos that allows you to store and edit to finished films that can then be output to YouTube etc., WeVideo might be a handy solution.

According to a Dec. 3rd, 20121 review in techcrunch, WeVideo now "provides two [useful] modes of operating: There’s the beginner Storyboard mode, which lets them drag and drop assets next to one another and have them instantly stitched together. There’s also a Timeline mode, which provides more advanced editing features, as users become, uh, more advanced as editors."

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