Apps and Motion Pictures: Is a New Immersive and Interactive iPad Music App (REWORK_Philip Glass Remixed) Something Filmmakers Might Emulate?

A December 23rd, 2012 blogpost by John Paul Titlow describes (in glowing terms) a new musical app by composer Phillip Glass: "The new Philip Glass album is completely mesmerizing. I don't mean the CD, or the MP3 download or even the vinyl version - I mean the app. In addition to more traditional formats, the famed composer has released REWORK, a compilation of remixes, as an iPad app. An immersive, interactive and incredibly cool iPad app."

"The best part is Glass Machine, a stand-alone feature that lets users remix and build their own minimalist compositions using an interface that is both atypical and easy to use. The controls along the bottom let you adjust tempo and rhythm, filter the sound and choose between piano, organ and synthesizer. The rest of the screen is occupied by two giant circles, both of which contain a single, smaller circle that can be pinched and moved around to adjust the melody. It's a way of manipulating sound that will look unfamiliar to even experienced digital audio producers, but is completely intuitive to just about everyone."

Reading about Glass Machine, and the way it allows users to take elements and combine them into unique works, it occurred to me that certain filmmakers might also create an app that allowed users to remix their film work.

For example, I think Star Wars fans might pay for the opportunity to create their own versions of favorite scenes. Given film and audio elements and a user friendly rework interface - imagine how fans might interact with content like the Cantina Scene from Star Wars Episode IV.

Would George Lucas let fans decide for themselves whether Han Solo or the bounty hunter Greedo shot first?

The Philip Glass musical REWORK for iPad costs $10.

I suspect movie fans pay would that much (and more) for a movie app they could interact with...

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