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In early 2012, research consultancy Latitude undertook a study "to understand audiences’ evolving expectations around their everyday content experiences — with TV shows, movies, books, plot-driven video games, news, and even advertising."

According to this August 15th, 2012 post by Kim Gaskins, Latitude "asked 158 early adopters from across the world how they’d like to experience stories in the future."

The highlights? (And, please remember this is a survey of only 158 early-adopters - NOT the general public...)

"Transmedia is more than media-shifting. Eighty-two percent of participants wanted more mobile apps that would complement, not just replicate, their TV viewing experiences.

The real world is a platform, too. When asked to develop a new way of interacting with stories, 52% of participants treated the real world as another “platform,” incorporating networked real-world objects, augmented reality, 3D projected environments, and other technologies that bridge the divide between digital and physical.

Audiences crave more control. Seventy-nine percent suggested interactions that would allow them to alter a storyline by influencing a character’s decisions or by becoming a character themselves.

Traditional notions of authorship are changing. The real-time, connected culture of the Web is converting storytelling to a more participatory art; 93% of participants expressed interest in submitting possible story ideas to producers, and a whopping 2/3 said they’d be willing to help fund stories they’re interested in (e.g., on a platform like Kickstarter)."

You can download a (beautifully-illustrated) 11 page version of Phase 1 of the Latitude study here.

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