Panzer Chocolate

This video is a teaser (trailer?) for Panzer Chocolate, a Spanish transmedia project that includes a feature film, a video game, a motion comic, an alternate reality game (ARG), and mobile interactivity. Creators Robert Figueras and Gemma Dunjo claim their horror story ('The darkest Nazi secret... is about to be revealed!') is the first major transmedia project in Spain.

Here's the set-up: "Near the Spanish border with France, an Archaeology PhD student and three friends, go into a bunker searching for pieces of art supposedly stolen by the Nazis. However, when they open a secret chamber, they only find a few piles of dusty boxes containing small tablets of Panzer Chocolate; which was widely distributed among German soldiers in the 1940’s. Soon, the peaceful lives of the four unlucky friends turn into a scary nightmare, and they find themselves running for their lives."

Thanks to Prof. Henry Jenkins for the link.

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