Will Apple's New Operating System (Mountain Lion) Change the Way You Watch Movies and TV at Home?

In a July 26th, 2012 Gadget Lab post, Roberto Baldwin explains how Apple's new operating system (Mountain Lion, available on July 25th, 2012) features a "new AirPlay mirroring feature [that] should have the Xfinitys and DirecTVs of the world very concerned."

"Once your mirroring set-up is complete [which easily connects your computer wirelessly to your TV via a $100 Apple TV device], anything you might play on your desktop can be displayed on your big-screen TV — and this is where all that unique, cord-cutting potential comes into play. Sure, you can start playing computer games on the big-screen. And you can also pipe Rdio tunes, or any other music, directly to your TV speakers. But most importantly, you can mirror all those free, streaming desktop services that would otherwise cost money (or not work at all) if streamed directly to a TV."

"AirPlay for Mountain Lion is a great method for beaming any desktop content straight to your HDTV, and this includes streaming video from web pages, computer games, and, yes, even illegal videos collected from BitTorrent. And if the greater tech industry takes more bold steps toward changing how video is delivered, the future is going to be rough for cable and satellite providers. Something has to give."

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