Tools for Filmmakers, Especially the Producer of Marketing and Distribution: Assemble

A filmmaker with a movie to sell - and no interest from a big distributor willing to make an "all rights" deal - might be overwhelmed by all the work involved in self-distributing her indie film.

Just building a website that actually functions (not just as a place for you to make a sales pitch, but as a destination that is easily found and successfully functions as a site for sales) may be too much for the average filmmaker. Is it possible "to ease the headache of building audiences and selling films on the web?"

That's where a July 10th, 2012 post by Sheri Candler comes in. Sheri has discovered Assemble: "clever software that creates and manages your web-presence, gathers and tracks your audience and provides a sales mechanisms to sell your film and related products."

Thanks to Sheri Candler for sharing this valuable information.

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