Louis C.K. Shows Indie Filmmakers How Self-Distribution Is Done in the New World

The disruption in distribution and consumption that is undermining Old World media's sources of revenue continues.

In a June 26th, 2012 Gawker blogpost, Neetzan Zimmerman outlines how comedian Louis C.K. is "once again rattling the cage of traditional channels by selling tickets to his upcoming standup tour exclusively through his website."

Yes. Louis C.K. is famous (thanks to Old World media outlets) and you're not. But the principles of his marketing strategy (identify a core audience and make direct sales to them, using social media and other new world tools to market yourself) can be copied - even if you're only starting with a few committed fans, as long as your content is something that will spread.

For example, the following clip of Louis C.K. went viral - not because he paid for ads or started with six million dedicated fans - it went viral because it was compelling and spreadable.

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