Interactivity, Advertising and The Future of Film

Imagine that your television set knows when you've walked away - and only plays ads when you're watching.

Or that your mobile device tracks your eyeline (to detect where you're looking on the screen) - so that targeted content begins to play only when you've indicated interest in a particular thumbnail or area of the screen.

These innovations are a way off - but a Future of Ads post by Cory O'Brien describes an existing Amnesty International bus stop ad that increases engagement by responding to the viewer's gaze:

"When no one is looking, the screen shows a man abusing his wife. When the camera [mounted in the ad] detects a face, the ad waits a few seconds for the message to sink in, and then the couple stops fighting and does their best to look normal. It’s a subtle message, but definitely drives home their tagline, “It Happens When Nobody Is Watching.”"

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