Internet Native Films: Deliver Me To Hell and Other Fine Examples of Film Experiences That Wouldn't Work In a Theater or On Traditional TV

Webby-Award winning director Martin Percy has written a manifesto concerning Internet Native Films. It reads (in part):

"The internet is a great method of distribution – for uploading, commenting, linking etc - and most online film takes advantage of this. But as you know, the defining feature of internet content is that it's unlike linear media such as books, regular TV and movies – instead, it’s interactive.

And here’s the puzzle: although most of the data on the internet is now video, almost none of those videos use the medium in any significant way. Almost always, once you press “Play” you might as well be watching on TV. But things are starting to change...

A new sort of online film is emerging. It doesn’t just use the web as a method of distribution. Instead, it tries to combine the emotional connection of live action film with the flexibility of the web. You couldn’t show these films on a regular TV without losing something essential. You could say, therefore, that these films are “native” to the internet. You could even call them “Internet Native Films”."

Having written a manifesto for the Internet Native Film revolution, Martin Percy has also begun compiling a growing list of exemplary Internet Native Films. Martin's collection (which includes Deliver Me To Hell - the interactive YouTube Zombie film adventure written and directed by New Zealand's Logan McMillan and embedded above) is currently curated on Martin Percy's website.

So far, Martin Percy has been grouping Internet Native Films into 3 categories:

1) Interactive film:
You interact with it DURING the experience

2) Personalized film:
You personalize it BEFORE the experience

3) Enhanced film:
Traditional linear films, but with enhancements.

Other categories may emerge as new online experiences are created.

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