In 2011 More Americans Streamed Movies

A Jan. 4th, 2012 Hollywood Reporter article reveals that "14 percent of Americans now say that their favorite way to watch a movie at home is to stream it over the Internet via a subscription service."

This data, from a recent Deloitte survey, shows that streaming has made huge gains (up from a reported 4 percent two years earlier) while the Old World ways of watching a film (i.e., attending a theater or renting a DVD) continue to fall.

What does the future hold?

Will significant numbers start using mobile technology (like tablets) for film viewing?

It's still early, but the trend toward tablets certainly bears watching: In 2011 "[o]ne percent of consumers called streaming to a tablet their favorite way to view a movie (not counting at a movie theater), and 13 percent of Americans owned a tablet in 2011 (mostly iPads), up from 5 percent in 2010."

Thanks to Ted Hope for the link.

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