Sundance Institute Films Get Access to Topspin Marketing

Continuing to take advantage of the emerging technologies and evolving user behaviors, The Sundance Institute has entered into a deal with Topspin Media to provide its artists with direct marketing tools and fulfillment services (see slide show below).

Topspin is a direct marketing and retail software platform for musicians, filmmakers and authors that provides tools for independent artists to increase awareness of their work and build relationships with fans.

The Sundance/Topspin deal is in addition to Sundance's deals with New Video and Kickstarter.

New Video is the Institute’s exclusive aggregation partner for distribution on iTunes, Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, SundanceNOW, and YouTube, offering all eligible Sundance Film Festival and Lab titles a "unique gateway to digital distribution that emphasizes filmmaker ownership and control."

The first phase of the Sundance partnerships with 3rd party services, announced in January 2011 at the Sundance Film Festival, featured a collaboration with Kickstarter for filmmakers to build crowdfunding campaigns. When the 2012 Sundance competition films were announced in December 2011, of the 174 films selected, at least 14 of them were funded (at least in part) via Kickstarter.

Through the various prongs of the Sundance institute partnerships (Kickstarter, New Video, and Topspin), Sundance filmmakers can now fund and make their films available online "while still retaining ownership of their work and making independent decisions about strategies for each outlet."

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