Is the Future of Film Homegrown, Small Scale, And Independent?

Bruce Nussbaum may not have been thinking about micorbudget filmmakers when he wrote his blogpost about the 4 key features of the emerging indie capitalism. I'm not sure whether Mr. Nussbaum is right about all of capitalism (he may be) - but I do know that when I substituted the word "filmmaking" for "capitalism" in the quotes from his blogpost (below) - it sure worked for me:

1) "Indie ["filmmaking"] is local, not global, and cares about the community and jobs and says so right up front."

2) "Indie ["filmmaking"] is socially, not transactionally, based."

3) "Indie ["filmmaking"] is, above all, a maker system of economics based on creating new value, not trading old value." (Making something well that didn't exist before - then selling it directly to the user - not an economy of middlemen but of creators and users.)

4) "Another indie ["filmmaking"] characteristic is a heightened meaning embedded in materials and products."

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