A Collaborative Toolkit for Transmedia Storytellers

The good folks at Transmedia LA have created a Wiki that aims to be an open toolkit for everyone in the Transmedia community looking for tools, services, and other resources to facilitate the creation of Transmedia projects.

According to a Dec. 14th, 2011 blogpost by April Arrglington, the new Wiki will initially be divided into a handful of categories:
"Game Resources: Includes a few basic game making resources.
Publishing Resources: Here you will find info on self-publishing, e-publishing interactive tools, and resources for digital print assets.
Social Media Resources: A bit self explanatory.
Technology Resources: Under this category you will find info on Live Communication tools, Learning how to Code, Mobile App Development, and Website Creation Services.
Transmedia Resources: Under this category you will find a basic toolkit to get started in a Transmedia project, more advanced production tools, and a list of audience tracking and measuring services.
Writing Resources: Here you will find resources, programs, and grant info for writers."

Because it's a Wiki, the hope is that -over time - users will add content and tips and the resource will grow.

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