Brushing Past the Music Industry: Lana Del Rey

Watch this remarkable live performance by Lana Del Rey, a distinctive artist who has been making her name online. Like musician and transmedia author Sparrow Hall, whose blogpost first turned me on to this haunting artist ("If only the music industry could bottle that kind of magic. If only."), I've got to admit it isn't just Lana Del Rey's outsider-cross-platform business model that I find intriguing.

If you like Lana Del Rey, read Sparrow Hall's blogpost about how making her own videos has become part of Lana's aesthetic - and how other artists are using obstructions (e.g., no record deal and no money) as an opportunity (e.g., make your own video, distribute online, perform cheap live shows, use social media, etc.).

Sparrow Hall is a teacher (through his blog) and a fan - what some people call a "fan scholar" or "aca-fan" (an awkward contraction of academic and fan). Whatever you call it, Sparrow Hall understands sharing (bestowing the gift of) a new artist (which is what true fans do) - and Sparrow is also an insightful thinker and writer about the democratization of motion picture production and transmedia storytelling.

Come to think of it - I am a true fan of Sparrow Hall and Lana Del Rey - that's why I'm happily sharing info about both of them - my gift to you.

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