YouTube Set To Announce Big Deals?

In an another big step toward the convergence of television and the Internet... cash-rich Google, the parent company of YouTube, is reportedly about to announce a raft of deals with established content producers. These deals - for original content that will stream exclusively on dozens of new YouTube channels - is a clear response to the other online companies that have recently entered into deals to stream their own original content (Netflix) and a bold challenge to the established TV outlets that feature original content (HBO, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, A&E, etc.).

Although nothing has been confirmed as of Oct. 4th, 2011, YouTube has apparently been making deals with skateboarder Tony Hawk and ShineReveille, the company that produces "The Office" and "Ugly Betty." Other expected partners include Warner Bros., News Corp., FremantleMedia, BermanBraun, IAC's Electus, Everyday Health, Iconic Entertainment, Anthony Zuiker, and DECA.

If you can't pay to read the Wall Street Journal article that broke this story, you can read more at this link to cnet's Oct. 3rd, 2011 coverage.

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