How to Nurture Cross-Platform Storytellers

Early stage cross-platform story projects (or, if you prefer the academics's adjective, "transmedia" stories) are fragile things.

As multi-platform content producer and educator Gary Hayes observes, all transmedia storytellers want "to enhance their content, provide depth, allow users to playfully explore, make the TV more 2-way and interactive, build bridges and continue narratives across [and] onto the web."

But how?

Gary Hayes has 16 years of caring for and encouraging the development of cross-platform stories. On Sept. 16th 2011, in a blogpost for his, Mr. Hayes provides an overview of the various strategies he's seen for working with cross-platform storytellers.

"Finding an expert who can temporarily sit with the project, handhold it, nurture it, help it walk, feed it and push it into the world with you" is the "holy grail." But there are other options: From seminars and conferences to public pitch events... Hayes reviews them all.

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