Bots High: Pull Don't Push

Florida filmmaker Joey Daoud is a great example of how a filmmaker can - by providing a service to other filmmakers - become a trusted source of useful information and (at the same time) a do-it-yourself marketing force.

In Joey's case, it starts with his blog, Coffee and Celluloid.

Joey's blog is one key way that he is pulling people to his film, Bots High.

What do I mean by "pull?"

Instead of "pushing" out a sales pitch, Joey "pulls" in potential customers - by providing a service that people in his target audience are already actively seeking out.

For example, Joey recently blogged about the process of distribution. His guerrilla marketing tips are informative. It's the kind of information any microbudget filmmaker, searching for "film guerrilla marketing" information online, might find and use.

Notice that Joey's marketing campaign for his Bots High includes an element of providing a service to other filmmakers. Becoming a trusted source of useful information is one great strategy for "pulling" in an audience.

Does "pulling" really work?

Joey's account of the guerrilla marketing of his documentary (following the adventures of high school students who build combat robots) was picked up and republished by another blogger, Sheri Candler, who is also interested in New World distribution.

And that's how I learned about Joey and Bots High.

Which is why you're reading about Joey and Bots High now.

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