What's it For?

Seth Godin's July 13th, 2011 blogpost contains important advice for filmmakers building a web presence. Specifically, Seth Godin asks if you can articulate your "preferred use" case.

For filmmakers, Seth Godin's "preferred use" case means imagining the best use of your website - and eventually your film.

It boils down to this:

Have you thought your website through from your audience's point of view?
Have you identified who you want to reach?
How does someone find out about you?
How should your audience interact with your site?
When they're engaging with you in the very best way, what happens? What's accomplished?
How and how much do they pay to view your film?
What happens after they've visited your site?
How often do they return?
What happens after they've seen your film?

If you're self-distributing a film, you need to answer these questions.

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