Crowd Funding for Newbies

Filmmaker Jennifer Fox has written a very helpful blogpost for the Tribeca Film Blog citing 10 things she learned while trying to reach a six-figure funding goal on Kickstarter. You should read the full Tribeca Film post (a longer version of Jennifer's tips also appeared in a series of posts on Ted Hope's blog), but here are the bullet points:

1. Reach Out to Family and Friends

2. Build a Team

3. Brainstorm the Campaign as a Rollout with Different Phases

4. Make a Good Trailer

5. Incentives

6. Write, Write, And Write

7. Reach out to Appropriate Partners to Help Blast for your Campaign / Befriend the Tastemakers

8. Use Web 2.0: Facebook, Twitter, Bloggers…

9. Blast Often, Regularly, and Best at the Beginning of the Week

10. Go Beyond Your Limits

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