Alamo Drafthouse Video (Exploiting a Childish & Intemperate Outburst) May Contain a Message for Filmmakers

Do you watch films at home with your laptop open? If you're a filmmaker, have you considered how your audience expects to receive your film?

In response to the Alamo Drafthouse release of a video - where an angry young woman rants about being kicked out of the theater for using her cellphone - my friend Sheri Candler has posted a contrarian blogpost - suggesting there may be an important point hidden in the young woman's silly and obscene outburst.

Sheri says: "My friend Ted Hope often asks what can be done to get the kids back into the cinema. I ask what can filmmakers do to reach those kids and let them see films wherever they want?... [Yes, t]he Alamo Drafthouse published a video poking fun at a patron’s angry voicemail; the result of her being tossed out of the theater for texting.... That was a kid, Ted... THAT’s the film watching experience for them. [T]hat is how the “kids” are watching films. Those kids will soon be older with more kids coming up behind them."

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