2010: An Industry Take on the Rush to Mobile

In this video from Mobile Future (a coalition funded by major technology and communications companies), recent trends in mobile technology are presented in an amped-up YouTube style that big business seems intent on co-opting. Although the style of this video and its implicit message - buy more mobile devices - strike me as overbearing, the statistics seem to check out and some are actually quite startling. Here are some highlights that should give anyone thinking about distributing motion picture content after today plenty to think about: There was a massive increase in apps downloaded: FIVE BILLION apps downloaded in 2010 - up from 300 million in 2009. There was a huge expansion in location-based services: FIVE MILLION Foursquare users in 2010 - up from 200,000 users in 2009. And social media platforms exploded on mobile devices: 347 PERCENT growth in Twitter mobile usage in 2010, with 200 MILLION mobile Facebook Users and 100 MILLION YouTube videos played on mobile devices every day.

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