New Home-Viewing Window Has No Discernible Impact on Theatrical Gross

According to this April 24th, 2011 report in The Wrap: "if the first film released under the new premium VOD plan is any indicator, the new home-viewing window will have little, if any, impact on theatrical exhibition." That pioneering film, the Adam Sandler comedy "Just Go With It," didn't suffer any noticeable decline at the box office, even though it was also available to DirecTV subscribers (for the steep price of $29.99 for Premium VOD). The film did drop 26 percent in week 10 of its theatrical release (as compared to its week nine performance), but it also lost 19 percent of its engagements, dropping from 326 locations to 265. In short, the availability on VOD (after two months exclusively in theaters) didn't seem to have any effect on the theatrical gross.

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