If It's Free, Why Should I Pay?

How do you persuade people to pay in this digital age where so much content is free? On April 20th, 2011 The Guardian ran a very thoughtful article by Cary Doctorow, blogger and leading-thinker on the revenue models in this new digital age, setting out in a very straightforward fashion why users might pay for something they can also get for free. This "taxonomy of value propositions for the purchase of digital goods" should be understood by every new world filmmaker. Doctorow's well-organized list of the things digital content providers must consider when charging for their work is a really handy tool for determining whether you can charge for your work online - and how that sale should be explained to a buyer who might be thinking about ripping your film for free from a torrent site. As Doctorow says: "[I]f your sales strategy actively militates against your value proposition, you're doing it wrong."

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