Jon Reiss on Sundance 2011 and What It Means For Filmmakers

On January 28th, 2011, filmmaker, author and new world distribution expert Jon Reiss posted a typically insightful blogpost - looking back at Sundance 2011 (even before the festival shutters for another year). Even experienced non-studio filmmakers can learn a lot from Jon Reiss. For example, Reiss's take on this year's most exciting Sundance premieres (e.g., the buzz from Kevin Smith's Red State self-promotion and the action around Pandemic 1.0, Lance Weiler's latest transmedia experiment) continues to highlight the importance of maintaining control and employing transmedia (also known as cross-platform) storytelling. And before legions of hopeful filmmakers rush out to raise financing for their indie features - relying on the encouraging headlines citing record sales at Sundance 2011 - they must read what Jon Reiss has to say about what sold and why.

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