Jon Reiss on the Filmmaking 2 Step

Jon Reiss is a filmmaker and a leading thinker on the relationship filmmakers should have with their audience in the new digital economy:"More and more I am viewing film distribution and marketing as the 2nd necessary component of creating a film: The first component is the production of the film (conception, production, post). The second component is connecting that film with an audience (distribution and marketing). I used to refer to these as steps – but that implies that they would be sequential – eg first step: make the film, second step connect with audience. But you know I believe these “steps” should run as simultaneously as possible."

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Richard - The Video Dolly guy said...

Perhaps the marketing aspect should start even prior to the filmmaking itself so you can really get an audience and a ground where your marketing can get some traction, where the community will help you with the marketing and even with distribution.

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