An Easier Way to Ask for Donations When People View Your Film Online?

The Internet has changed things and old revenue models for independent filmmakers aren't working anymore. Peter Sunde, one of the founders of the torrent site The Pirate Bay, has launched a new venture, Flattr, that he hopes will simplify the process of asking for (and receiving) donations.

Flattr is designed to give filmmakers an easy way to ask for donations on their websites. The aim is to make the process of donating a small amount as a token of gratitude seamless and hassle-free. A filmmaker signs up with Flattr and then embeds a Flattr button on their site. Users of Flattr (the audience) will sign up for Flattr and pay a monthly flat rate. Then, whenever Users find an artist, writer, musician etc., that they like, they'll be able to click the Flattr button as a sign of their appreciation.

Currently similar systems, that ask people to donate when they visit an artist's site, require jumping through some hoops (e.g., a PayPal form or even asking for their credit card which scares away most people). Flattr is supposed to make the process of giving a small donation as painless as dropping a quarter in a tip jar. (Thanks to Nils Taranger for sending me the video about Flattr.)

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