FIL 6414 Live Stream Sat. Jan. 23rd at 1pm of Filmmaker Summit at Slamdance

I've just learned (many thanks to Nils Taranger who is attending Slamdance this week) about the Indie Filmmaker Summit in Park City, Utah on Saturday that will be streaming live online. The Summit will go online at 1pm local time Saturday and is scheduled for 3 hours (until 4pm Orlando time).

The Summit is an opportunity for filmmakers - those attending Sundance and Slamdance, as well as those online - to share what they believe are the most pressing issues to them.

The Summit will be an important forum for sharing the latest ideas about distribution. According to the Summit's website: "Today’s reality is that filmmakers must now expand their role and take charge of reaching and engaging worldwide audiences across all viewing platforms. In this direct approach, the viewer becomes collaborative, less passive and more connected then ever before. New business models will emerge as a direct result of experimentation and transparency around process. The Filmmaker Summit is an experiment onto itself and we welcome comments and suggestions on how to make it more impactful.'

Please go to the Summit website and sign up (it's free):

Then make an effort to listen in on Saturday afternoon starting at 1pm. At the very least, check the box on the sign-up page to receive updates and then, after the Summit, go online to see what was discussed.

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