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With more than 325 million users, Facebook is nearly the size of the United States in terms of population. And Facebook users share information about their like and dislikes at a prodigious pace. That's why many films have a Page on Facebook. (Facebook Pages are different than profiles. People have what are called Profiles on Facebook, but your business can’t have a Profile — it can have a Page.) A Facebook Page is a place to house all the pertinent information about your film and to build a community of people who will support your film (by attending screenings, buying DVDs or merchandise and telling their friends about the film). If you’ve emptied your bank account to make a microbudget film, a Page on Facebook may be all you can afford. But it's a great cheap way to get the word out.

This post on is a beginner’s guide to setting up and getting the most out of a Page on Facebook.

And the unofficial Facebook site,, has written a handy guide to developing a Facebook Page that attracts viewers.

Finally, the NY Times has written about Facebook Pages and the opportunities that exist with Facebook Ads.

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